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Barrel Oak offers 76 free hillside picnic tables & dogs and kids are always welcome!  We also offer beautiful views from our hillside blanket seating area.  We are open seven days a week: Mon-Thurs 12-5, Saturday 11-8, & Sunday 11-6.  Friday come out to enjoy “Date Night” with live music, tiki torches, and food trucks till 9pm.  We also have great live music every Saturday & Sunday. 

We have wood-fired pizza & ranch-raised oysters Saturday and Sunday all day.  Farm Crafted Beer and wine flites are also served.  Please no parties over 10 can be accepted & no buses will be allowed.  We also offer discounted curbside take-home beer & wine pickup & we offer FREE shipping to your door.  Please see our message below for more details.  Also, please check out our amazing “Return to Barrel Oak” Experience above.

What is Barrel Oak?

A Barrel Oak Renewal.

So would you like to drink with us the beauty of this day? This evening? This week? This life?

Now…right now is the certain shade upon the land – an evocation of verdant spirits. Twining vines grasp the reed and stalk amid the breezy hum of the fruiting wires gracefully lifting branch and flower skyward – grafting creation unto their heavens – and later to tease out a grand sweetness. As the progression of Father sun Northward returns welcome warmth to our Mother land.

This is why we so love the Spring. This is why we revel in the days of rebirth where all is new again and the vines reawaken to the unlimited possibility of resurgent life in energy renewed. Barrel Oak is surrounded by this life…by this energy…by this beauty. Barrel Oak is placed lightly among the vineyards and gently so that we all may bear witness.

We Smell. We Taste. We Touch. We…Learn. The land and the intimacy of its kiss upon our open hearts is our caress. How grand that Spring here again greets our celebration of life and of nature and of the earth upon which so much is taken and with which so much continues to be given! The land. The sky. The water. The sun.

In these shared thoughts we can celebrate life’s renewal after last month’s passing darkness. In this way we again can be made whole even while understanding that pieces of us will now remain as shards and never to fully rejoin the body; traveling closely within us still – memories bound by our humanity and our recovery in the loving and hopeful embrace of nature’s beauty and the hope that is this life.

Perhaps you can visit us for a bit – thereby receiving comfort from the land which beckons and which we embrace; the promise we renew. And so this is our vow to you to find the balance in our shared embrace of the grand licentiousness of the Piedmont Spring.

What is Barrel Oak?

We just wanted to take a moment and say a big “THANKS!” Mark and I, along with our daughter and dog, went out to the winery on Sunday. We were hopeful we could get a table, otherwise it would be a nice ride to pick up our wines.

When we pulled up, we were fortunate enough to be assigned a table. The whole process was seamless, from the gentlemen directing us where to park, to the “hostess” showing us to our table, the bar keepers and the folks putting our wines in the car!

We had an absolutely wonderful few hours! Please pass on our thanks–we did tip everyone we saw–but words help too!

Thanks again.
Alice & Mark F.

What is Barrel Oak?

We came yesterday afternoon, and it was such a wonderful experience! We think BOW did such a great job on keeping everyone safe. Honestly, I would like to see it like this for a while longer to keep people safe. Also, there was one young woman worker, unfortunately didn’t get her name, who was just on it (she was in tie dyed shirt, short blond ponytail, and helping organizing and bussing on the main hill from 4-5) and really worked her tail her off to make sure no cross contamination. Hats off to you all this weekend! Keep up the good work!

What is Barrel Oak?

Barrel Oak is a special place where hand-crafted Virginia Wine and farm craft brews pair with your friends, dogs & family.

Current Operating Hours

Open Year Round

Curbside every day.  Get a bottle or two to take with you! All at significant discount.

The “Return to BOW” Experience by reservation : 12-4pm & 4-8pm Friday & Saturday.

Outside seating with wine bottle and beer pitcher service Mon-Thurs: 12-5 & Fri 11-9, Sat: 11-8pm & Sun: 11-6pm.

“The Security You Expect — Wrapped in the Experience You Love.”

3623 Grove Lane, Delaplane, VA 20144
Get Directions
540-364-6402 x1

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A Message from Your friends at Barrel Oak Winery & Farm Taphouse

Dear friends, guests, and supporters-

We encourage everyone to stay safe and strong and calm and to drink wine.

As always, Barrel Oak is here to help you with that in our own unique way.

There are several ways that you can now enjoy that special Barrel Oak experience!

CHILLING:  Our outdoor picnic area is now open from 11-9pm Friday, 11-8 on Saturday, and 11-6 on Sunday. Our 75 perfectly-distanced picnic tables are free and available on a first-come first-get served basis to chill out at Barrel Oak.  Barrel Oak and our hillside tables are also open from 12-5pm Mondays through Thursdays.


ESCAPING: We are also now offering the extraordinary for-fee and by reservation only “Return to Barrel Oak” experience.  Please click on the blue button above for more information.


FOODING: Our Wood-Fired Folks are back and serving to order Saturday and Sunday from 11-6ish.  We have Nomini Ranch raw and BBQ’d oysters as well as crab cakes and Old Bay Prawns weekends.


ENTERTAINING:  Our Friday evenings are now the perfect “Date Night at Barrel Oak”.  Live music on the hillside and food from a variety of local food carts and chefs. 


We offer significantly discounted take home and curbside wine pickup during regular business hours and we are also providing FREE shipping to your door.  Please click on the “Curbside Wine Discounts” or the “Super Shipping Savings” button above.

Please know that your relationship with Barrel Oak is extremely important to us. We are still open and doing things safely & a little differently. We look forward to you joining us here in the beautiful Piedmont!

Thank you,

Your friends at Barrel Oak Winery & Farm Taphouse


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