It was a beautiful moment and worthy of all the excitement.

But that moment has passed and the snow is already melting like the memories of wineter 2010.  Daylight Savings!  Crocuses! (or is it Crocuii?)  These things I know we’ll be seeing in the next week.

Fire pits lit…folks hanging out on the patio…this also… this will be this weekend.

We love the transition time of this season.  Snow, sun, chill, warmth.  So variable and surprising.

…how lovely the changes we are all seeing…

This week and next are the annual winery trade shows and conventions.  This week in Lancaster and next in Richmond.  We love to go and play…we call it Spring Break for Winemakers.

Of course we’ll be here this weekend and next…the shows are during the week.  Who knows…maybe we’ll get some new vineyard toys even.

And this weekend has some really nice music and the fireplace and the firepits lit.  Our favorite is that on Saturday, we’ll have some sweet senior pets here for adoption…looking for their forever homes…It’s how we got our last two loving guys – Simba and Shell – such sweet dogs…

Sunday – all wine purchases will help with Diabetes research.  We think that’s pretty cool and the folks from the American Diabetes Association will be here with info and to answer any of your questions.  (It’s your choice whether to drink dry or off dry wines…)

It amazes us how quickly the seasons pass here on the land.  Just like that the vines will be budding and yesterday’s snow will be a vague memory.  We will again be in the vineyards and we will be dreaming again of the harvest..

Hope we see you at BOW this beautiful early Spring weekend!