The Spring Break for Winemakers was this past week and we all deployed to that citadel of Urban sanity – Richmond, VA.  Drinking games, networking, schmoozing, great wines, seminars and learning centers, celebrity dinner, more wine, hanging with wine folks, trade show, lots of wine making toys, more wine, great people, folks who created the Virginia wine industry, and a lot of fun and enthusiasm from cork dorks and wine geeks.

We love the show which is called Wineries Unlimited.  We get great ideas and we see all of our friends.  We share ideas and we create memories.  Because the whole crew goes, we have Elizabeth getting ideas about sales and marketing.  Rick was in vineyard and grape practices wonderland and Sharon was completely immersed in wine making techniques.  Andy went along and learned enough to be even more dangerous and Jorge came down to play on the trade show floor.

Meanwhile, I hung out and schmoozed with anyone and everyone who wanted to hang – or just a hug.  LOTS of folks knew about our settlement and were very happy for us.  It was all very sweet.

Oh…and we solved the challenge of world peace.  (hint…it involves wine).

We even saw the Wizard of Oz who was quite impressive.  “I am everywhere, but to the eyes of common mortals I am invisible. I will now seat myself upon my throne, that you may converse with me.”

Indeed, the Voice seemed just then to come straight from the throne itself; so we walked toward it and stood in a row while we said:

“We have come to claim our promise, O Oz.”

“What promise?” asked Oz.

“You promised to let us drink wine and stay forever young.”

“…Drink the Norton”  said Oz.

That’s when we saw him and he was…in fact…Eric Trump.

Sorry…Inside joke…Guess you had to be there.