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Great beer made here.

Now you can enjoy a glass of wine and a mug of beer – all made here for you and yours to enjoy. Try our Kolsch, IPA, Winter Amber, Irish Red, Saison, Belgian Doubel, and more!

Our brewers are always tinkering with new seasonal brews for you to try here at BOFT. Call us for the latest on tap!

Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse Brews – Rotated Weekly!

Look for your favorite BOFT beers where you dine or relax. (Coming Spring, 2020)

Our Beers 1
BOFT Brown Ale

A refreshing lighter tasting brown.   4.9% ABV, 16 IBU.  Cheers!

Our Beers 2
BOFT Dubbel

Deep amber, moderately strong, malty and complex with rich flavors of dark or dried fruit.

Our Beers 3
BOFT Kölsch

A crisp, well-balanced beer with subtle fruit character reminiscent of white grape and a clean dry finish.

Our Beers 4
Kettle Sour Dubbel

A mild sour with sweet underlying notes and surprisingly refreshing!  5.3% ABV, 8 IBU

Our Beers 1
Oak Hill IPA

A medium to full bodied hazy IPA with strong notes of citrus.

Our Beers 6
The Belgian Tripel

Higher in alcohol, modest in IBU.  Herbaceously yummy!  Thyme, oregano, orange-anise.

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Scott Kirk

Scott Kirk

Head Brewer

I actually didn’t start off with intentions of brewing beer for a profession. In fact, brewing came to me after I left the US military, when I started brewing it at home. I found myself loving it so much, I took up a job at a brewery washing kegs. Over the years, I learned more and more about the art of brewing beer. I started my brewing career at Glacier Brewhouse in Anchorage, AK, US, where I worked for 5 years while attending brewing school.

I moved to India to start The Pump House in October 2017 to further my career as a brewer. I loved my job because of all the new beer recipes I got to explore and the large variety of local ingredients I could experiment with. My passion for flavorful beer has led me to believe in the magic of natural ingredients, so while I have no problem with them, I try to stay away from using enzymes, additives or any kind of artificial flavoring.

Scott Joined our team in February of 2020.  We are thrilled to have him as the latest member of the Barrel Oak family!

Jay Bergantim

Jay Bergantim

Founding & Consulting Brewer

Originally from Massachusetts, I started working in a volunteer role at a brewery in Martha’s Vineyard and received on the job training from an experienced veteran brewer. Several years later, working up the ranks, I became a head brewer. After working in breweries for several years, I attended the Siegel Institute of Technology studying brewing technology, and furthered my understanding in brewing theory, styles, and developing my palate. I am also a level 2 certified Cicerone. J am the founding brewer at Barrel Oak and also partner and brewer at Altered Suds Brewery in Warrenton, VA.  My favorite beer is Rodenbach Grand Cru, a Flemish style red ale.

Our Brewing Awards

Oak Hill IPA
Gold : 2019 Virginia Beer Cup
Gold : 2017 Virginia Beer Cup
BOFT Dubbel
Gold : 2018 Virginia Beer Cup
Gold : 2018 North American Beer Awards
Baltic Porter
Silver : 2018 Virginia Beer Cup