Make Your Indoors Table Reservation Here!

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It is totally “Chill” to be at BOW!

You can now reserve seating indoors at Barrel Oak:  Make sure that your table is waiting for you!

We accept these advanced reservations for Saturdays and Sundays. (Please note that tables are available Mon-Fri without reservation and those under 21 are welcome on those days.)

$50 per hour for tables for up to four, $75 per hour for tables for up to six guests, & $95 per hour for tables for up to 8 guests – your fee will be returned to you in full in wine and beer upon your visit, to enjoy at home or here.

Two hour minimum please.  Please note that, this area is available only to those 21 and older.  For your safety and the safety of all our guests, no children will be allowed entry Friday through Sunday.  Our table availability is limited and accommodates only the numbers shown of up to 4, 6, or 8 guests.  Once assigned, no additional tables are available due to Covid social distancing requirements.

If necessary, it is easy to cancel and you can re-book another seating.  We also have 100 no-fee picnic tables available outside.  Thank you for understanding.

Barrel Oak does reservations right. Every dollar you spend on your table reservation you receive back in wine and beer to enjoy at home or here.

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