If life is a bit like Peanut’s Petit Cuvee, then how did my beard get so gray?
Here is the one and only Peanut; a sweet masshup of conflicted fuzzy inconsistencies.  White and black with black and blue eyes….boss of the lot yet sometimes afraid of her own shadow.  Lover of the mommy and daddy and jealous of the pack.  Always ready to cuddle and verbal about everything and certain of her wants.
Peanut’s Petit Cuvee is also an incongruous blend of white and red wine with a bit of both sweet and tart and a lot of attitude. The Peanut’s Petit bosses us around just like Peanut and everyone loves it like we do the Sweet Peanut.  The final filters groan when we put this baby in the bottle but everyone screams in delight when we have it available.  This year we again have only 300 cases of this little sweetie.
Peanut’s Petite Cuvee is now here and ready for all of you lovers this weekend.  To celebrate, Brian will have Peanut visiting and in the BOWhouse.  Come by and try the the wine and say hi to our little Sweet Pea.

And how did my beard get so gray?  I keep wondering that myself.  But I have my way of re-calibrating everything and my psychic batteries get charged sitting at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, contemplating life,  and seeing family and old friends.  And that is what I did this week.  It was wonderful.  And the fuzzy army of love and the alpacers all went about their daily biz and it was great to come home after a few days away and to be home with family.

We will keep trying to make it a special place away retreat for you and yours.   Because we all need that sometimes.