IT IS SO COOL BEING A FARMER.  The dream expands when you realize that there are lots of ways to engage with the land.  For example, we will be planting our own pumpkins this year both for the large ornamentals at the front door of BOW as well as for the little ones that we always have for the kids to decorate in the Fall.   Pumpkin farmers…that’s WHACK!

Do you like my new haircut?We also now have the alpacas – cute kids that we call the ‘packers.  (I love that…)

They just got sheared yesterday in an all day adventure.

These guys are now about half their pre shearing size.  That’s Crescendo in the pic – our breeding male.  What a little goof.  In the fall when their fiber has been spun into yarn, you’ll be able to purchase it at our online store.  Not up and running yet…but in the to-do box…

We also have the cattle and horses here and – if you ask us- they add a bucolic serenity to the entire place.

I’m pinching myself…how did this great place all happen?  Four years this Memorial Day Weekend…our fifth anniversary.  So much to celebrate…we’ll have the Packers at the winery and Oak Hill…we’ll have great live music and awesome dancing on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Huge giveaways including some of our wine barrels, and tours and fun from Friday till Monday.  I love Memorial Day weekend at BOW.  The new bathrooms will be built along with the new outdoor patio tasting area.  20 new picnic tables.  The John Marshall Tasting Experience and the new Wine Library at the historic Oak Hill mansion.  And the second anniversary of Barrel Oak Middleburg.  More details soon to follow…but please mark your calendars to join us Memorial Day Weekend as our “FarmFarm” continues to grow and improve!