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What are your hours?

11:00am – 6:00pm every day of the week.  We’re open ’till 9:00pm Fridays year-round and most Saturdays from early April till the end of November.  We do have occasional special evening hours listed at the website, events calendar and in our weekly emails.  There are occasional closings on Saturdays for private evening parties, but these are rare.

Can we reserve a table?

Sorry, first come first served. We also reserve the right to direct and control the number of tables your group can occupy based on how busy we believe we are going to be on any given day. We do have seating for about 200 indoors and another 600 outside.

May we bring/eat our own food?

Yes, we encourage you to bring a picnic and sit-a-spell! We often host food vendors during the weekend for you to enjoy as well. PLEASE NOTE: ABC laws prohibits the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages not sold at our location, this includes wine or beer purchased from other local wineries and breweries.

May we bring our dogs?

Absolutely! We just ask that they remain on a fixed and non-retractable leash and the other end of that leash is attached to a human. 🙂

(Dogs in a good mood and good health tend to enjoy their visit to wine country more than those with a case of the cranky-pants)

May we tour the wine-making cellars?

Please do!  The heart of the house is where all the magic happens, we encourage you to take a tour of our wine making cellars and you might even run into a wine maker or two while you’re down there!  The Mezzanine level is always open for viewing over the wine cellar.

Do I need a reservation for a wine tasting?

In order to have a guaranteed tasting together, we request that groups of 8 or more make a reservation. Individuals and groups smaller than 8 do not require a reservation, so jump in the car and come out right now! You can get more info about our tastings here.

Do you offer guided tours?

Occasionally, yes.  You can also take a self-guided tour and if we can take you down to see we will.

May we go into the vineyard?

It depends on the time of year. We need to protect our grapes and vines throughout the year. You can ask a manager when you visit if this is a possibility during your visit.

What other vineyards are close by?

Naked Mountain, Philip Carter, Rappahannock Cellars, Delaplane Cellars, Hume Vineyards, Cobbler Mountain, Capitol Vineyards, Desert Rose….well, you get the point. There are nearly 270 wineries and vineyards in Virginia, many of which are just a few minutes from us!

Where can we get a good meal?

The Front Porch, The Rail Stop or Girasole in the Plains. Denim & Pearls, Black Bear Bistro, or Claire’s at the Depot in Warrenton. Ashby Inn in Paris, Upperville brings you Hunter’s Head, Goodstone Inn and Blackthorne Inn. If you want something closer, in Marshall you have great sandwiches at The Whole Ox and also the Red Truck Bakery as well as great food at Joe’s Pizza, Foster’s, Old Salem Restaurant and the Marshall Diner. There is also Faang Thai, Osaka Japanese Steakhouse, or Molly’s Irish Pub in Warrenton.

May we take an opened bottle home with us in the car?
You may, but it has to be corked and in a bag or box.
Are all the grapes from your vineyard?

Yes, most are.  Our first estate harvest was in Fall 2009. Our wines are made primarily from our grapes.  however, some are also sourced from grapes purchased at small family vineyards located throughout Virginia.  And our Syrah and Albarino are made here from grapes sourced in Washington state.

Is the wine made on the property?
You betcha! All our wine is made on premises… you can see the production area for yourself!
Can we bring my shower/reception/business meeting/etc., here?

Absolutely! We do private events. Please visit our reservations page for more information.

What grapes do you grow on the property?

We have 11 varietals on the property. Traminette, Vidal Blanc, Seyval Blanc, Chambourcin, Petit Manseng, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, Viognier, Norton, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are producing fruit for our wines. Depending on our harvest, the grapes we grow meet about half of our expected production needs each year.

How many cases of wine do you produce?

We opened with 2800 cases in 2008. We have increased production as the demand for our wine has increased (Thank you BOW customers!). Our current production is about 10,000 cases a year. Our production is impacted by fluctuations in grape harvests which can be affected by weather or pests, so it does vary year to year.

How many grapes do you need to make wine?

One to one and one half vines producing about two and a half pounds of grapes in every bottle of wine. That means a ton gives us about 800 bottles or 60 – 65 cases of wine. We get roughly 200 cases from each acre.

How long have you been in business?

The first planting was April 2007. The winery opened its doors in May of the following year. Everything that you see here has been done since then.