Read ‘Em And Enjoy

We provide the wine, you bring the fun! And picnics, and Frisbees, and games, and kids, and dogs, and laughter, and friends, and joy, and whatever else makes your day great! We really want you to enjoy your stay, but to do that we do have a few rules we’d like your help with:

  1. We love havin’ dogs and kids but they MUST be under adult supervision at all times.
  2. Watch the kids: wine, fun, candy, and potential catastrophe (we are a working farm) are everywhere! (Please see #6 below).
  3. Dogs are welcome inside and out but must be leashed at all times, please. Note that there is not an enclosed doggy run here. Please always either keep your dog under your control – or keep yourself under your dog’s control (for some of us, the second option is just plain better).
  4. Please clean up after your dog; the smell of the country is preferable. Disposal bins are located outdoors.
  5. Please clean up after yourself: We do recycle! Place your trash and recycling in the proper containers and do your part to stay Green! There are collection stations on the patio and more trash cans are located inside.
  6. State law says we absolutely cannot serve you if you are visibly intoxicated, and nope, it doesn’t matter if you have a designated driver or a limousine. Sorry, but we have to take this one very seriously! Otherwise, bye-bye BOW!
  7. Party Foul Alert & BIG Time State Law: No offsite alcohol allowed on premises!
  8. No smoking inside, at the entrance, or on the patio. Only on the far lawns, please.
  9. We are a working farm and state law clearly states that as such, we are not responsible for your death or dismemberment while on our property. Please don’t let yourself become dead or dismembered; we’d feel just awful about it! (Please also see #1.a. above)
  10. We make about 24,000 gallons of wine right here on our property. Our best kept secret is that you can take a self-guided tour of our downstairs production area if you’d like. We highly recommend it!
  11. We grow about 20,000 vines here on the property. You are welcome to view them from the fence line right next to the winery.
  12. Photography and paintings made on the property are yours – not ours. Go for it!
  13. We are living our dream and you help us to do it every time you visit. So here are BOW’s rules for BOW: We will always do our very best to make certain that you have great wine and a great time. We will address any concern that you may have quickly and with concern for your needs.
  14. We will always strive for excellence and accountability in our relationships with our customers. We’ll never B.S. you; we believe in the rewards of integrity and being truthful about everything that we do. We’ll be here today, tomorrow, next week and next year, having the times of our lives and inviting you to join us!