Barrel Oak now offers unique and select Curated Experiences for our Guests


At Barrel Oak Winery find our best wines paired with lite select fare served to you by our knowledgeable and engaging staff

What are the Experiences at Barrel Oak?

Beginning with our inaugural Tasting Experience, the Experiences at Barrel Oak are your immersive opportunities to deeply explore and enjoy your day at Barrel Oak.  Each experience is a curated, immersive activity in which you and your party spends time with our knowledgeable and vaccinated staff exploring the magic of the enjoyment of wine.  Your questions will be answered.  Your desires will be met.  Your time will be memorable.

Please select your own custom experience or reserve your table below.

Tower Bar Area

Enjoy your wonderful private and curated Barrel Oak Experience!

Main Bar Area

Tasting Experiences

What is the Barrel Oak Tasting Experience?  For nearly an hour, you and your guests will receive an in-person curated experience of our best wines. Your tasting will include eight vintages, A pairing of salami, local cheese, jam, mustard, fresh fruit, and water crackers.  Your server will lead you through the wines and discuss the interaction between wine and food as well as how the wine is made and the history of Barrel Oak.  Fun and enlightening, this Experience will really create a very special day for you and your party!  As a bonus, you may also book a table for afterwards at a 20% discount.  Your table fee will be provided to you in wine or beer to take home or enjoy here.  The perfect day is yours to enjoy at BOW!


Regular Table Reservations

Barrel Oak regular Reservations is your solution for a pre-paid reserved table, inside or on our patio and deck areas. Receive your full reservation fee value in wine and beer!  Our tables accomodate 2, 4, and 6 guests.  We also have one very special 12-guest table available for those special occasions!