This is the Story of Virginia’s Favorite Winery.

It Starts with Real People.

Before we ever started designing a winery, we talked about what we wanted to achieve. “We didn’t want to just sell wine, we wanted to create a place of community.”

And that place of community has grown and developed since Barrel Oak Winery (BOW), Virginia’s Favorite Winery, opened in Delaplane, VA in 2008. In the years since, we have welcomed parents with children, folks with dogs, bikers, outsiders, early risers, hikers, birders, flirters, workers, herders, survivors, admirers, and yes…even foreign dignitaries and Washington insiders – all with a warm greeting and hearty smile.

The positive atmosphere at Barrel Oak has not gone unnoticed; we were recognized as the #1 Family Friendly Winery in the World by the Wine Enthusiast Magazine in April of 2012. We have also been voted Fauquier’s Favorite Winery for 10 straight years.

Dog friendliness is a big part of our welcoming atmosphere. From the front door, to the paw prints on the menu, to the pups on the labels, there is no questioning how dog-welcoming we are at Barrel Oak Winery. Dogs are always welcome inside and BOW even has an animal rescue on the estate.

We also make sure that every weekend there is something fun happening here at the winery. But our weekdays are our favorite times when we focus on sharing the quiet and peaceful experience of letting our guests feel how much we appreciate them.

This is our Beautiful Fauquier County.

We are deeply grateful for this life of farming and living from the land. It is amazing to live in Fauquier County. There are wineries, farm breweries, beautiful and quaint towns, scenic backroads and amazing vistas. We have a chunk of the Appalachia Trail traveling across the Piedmont mountain range, which serves as the scenic backdrop to Barrel Oak’s far vistas. Amazing restaurants, friendly folks. Horse pastures and stone stacked walls. Easily accessible and hard to leave. Want to learn more about this unique and welcoming community?

Our Team

Barrel Oak Winery was founded in 2006 by Brian Roeder and Sharon Roeder. The growth and success of Barrel Oak is borne of the efforts and commitment of countless good folks over the years. Together, our team always strives to provide integrity, accountability, and excellence in our service to our guests and our business operations, balanced with a passionate commitment to community. Read on to meet our current team of service leaders.

Experience Barrel Oak