Voulez-vous buvez avec moi…ce soir?

Ah French…I so flunked that class…over and over and over.  But I remember (I think) how to conjugate the verb “to drink”.  So would you like to drink with me the beauty of this day?  This evening?  This weekend?

It is, after all such a glorious season of year with the vines and the trees and the flowers…and oh…those glorious flowers that Benny and the Jetts have just this week planted at BOW!…and the vines… (yes again) all announcing their grand and living presence: their return; their rebirth; their place in our world after the long dark dormancy of winter.

Our winegrowers search in the vineyard the resurgence of the sap which is the rising of the water in the vines as if the very hydraulic of life were awakened from an unnecessarily long and deep slumber imbued with winter dormancy and the docility of lost vigor.

Now…right now…it…all of it is being replaced by the flourish of certain color.  The evocation of verdant spirit.  The vigor of re-creation.  These twining vines:  soon to grasp the reed and stalk amid the drive and hum of the fruiting wires gainfully lifting the grapes into the sky – grafting creation unto the heavens – and teasing grand sweetness as the progression of the sun into the North returns the welcome warmth to the land.

This is why we so love the Spring.  This is why we revel in the days of rebirth where all is new again and the land reawakens to the unlimited possibility of life resurgent – of energy returned.  Barrel Oak is surrounded by this life…by this energy…by this beauty.  Barrel Oak is placed in the vineyards so that we all may bear witness.  We Smell.  We Taste.  We Touch.  We…Learn.  We experience the land and the intimacy of its kiss upon our open hearts.  How appropriate then that this is the weekend of Earth Day.  How grand that Spring is here first and before our annual acknowledgement, greeting our celebration of life and of nature and of the earth upon which so much is taken and with which so much continues to be given.  The land.  The sky.  The water.  The sun.  These simple tools of life that reign supreme in the time of the Spring.

So here we can -perhaps even we should- gather together and celebrate life after this week with its darkness.  Even as we carry the bright shock of pain, we can drink in the hope that is life, and the renewal that is nature.  In this way we again can be made whole even while understanding that pieces of us will now remain as shards and never to fully rejoin the body, yet traveling closely with us – bound by our humanity and our ability to recover through the loving and hopeful embrace of the beauty that is life.

Perhaps you can join us here for a bit – thereby regaining the sanity of the land.  It beckons.  We embrace.  It promises and we renew.  And so this is our vow to you:  join us and again you will find the balance in your place among the joyous licentiousness of the Piedmont Spring.