The air remains crisp – but the skies reveal the season’s change.  After a winter of anxiety and challenge, we can see and smell the coming of the Spring.

In fact, the fire pits are ready and will be lit.  Their warmth beckoning us outside a bit earlier than otherwise would be possible.  The sand pile is prepped and ready for the kids to play on.  Soon the new toys will be arrayed upon its flanks and the children will shriek in joy, making new friendships the way we all wish we could.

But wait…this is BOW and here we make friendships the way that children do.  It is one of the special secrets of BOW.  How many times have I learned that lasting friendships have been joined over a glass and a conversation.  Many times my friends…many…

So while the days are yet short, we can taste the Spring early and with great gusto.  We will be at BOW this weekend…sharing our delight and our passion for this dream made real.  The wines will entice and the fun will ring; the people will laugh and we will rejoice.

Yes….there is so much for which to be thankful.

The land is our metronome…ticking off the moments of our lives upon the land.  The seasons are the passages of a grand concert of nature and beauty.  Another change in the air; another part of the concert begins…

Perhaps you will join us in the dance.  This weekend or next…with friends and loved ones…exploring the magical embrace of the land and of live in the countryside.  “An hour from downtown and a world away…”