White Wines

2014 Petit Manseng

An estate wine from the BOW vineyard. The aroma is fruity and a bit floral with some green apple on the palate and a pleasant mouthfeel. Fresh and crisp this wine is perfect for patio drinking or with food. 

2015 Reserve Chardonnay

Light golden color with aroma of stone fruit, smooth and crisp on the palate. 100% Chardonnay, whole cluster pressed, fermented in stainless steel tanks, aged in neutral oak barrels, no malolactif fermentation.

2016 Seyval Blanc

Delightfully crisp, fresh citrus, dry with a clean finish. 100% Seyval Blanc fermented and aged in stainless steel. 100% of the grapes are from the Barrel Oak property. (Fermented and Aged in Stainless Steel)

2016 Barrel Chardonnay
2016 Barrel Chardonnay

Fermented and aged in new French Oak barrels for nine months. Completed malolactic fermentation, cold stabilized and sterile filtered. It has a light golden color with aromas of peach and pear. Smooth and creamy with buttery notes and a long finish.

Gold Medal: Wines of the South Concordance Gold Medal

2016 Rkatsiteli

100% Rkatsiteli was fermented in stainless steel at 55 degrees for 30 days and no malolactic fermentation. It has aromas of apricot and vanilla on the nose with fresh tropical flavors, cream and a hint of spice on the palate. It would be great with spicy foods or for appetizers.

2016 Petit Manseng

100% Estate fruit from BOW vineyards. Fermented in stainless steel, aged in neutral oak and one acacia barrel. Stone fruit on the nose and palate, with a crisp, clean finish.

2011 Madiera

This very select wine is by far the most limited and special wines from the hearts and minds of our winemakers. Made in the traditional style with sun and air aging. Four years in oak barrels and over a year in the bottle prior to release. Only 82 cases were produced, with every bottle hand numbered. The wine is balanced and stable with peach and orange notes. Once open the wine will remain drinkable for months, if not years.


2015 Viognier

 Lovely straw color with aroma of pears and apricots. 100% Viognier. Fruity and smooth on the mid palate with a bright balanced acidity and pleasant finish. Fermented in stainless steel and a small amount of neutral oak then aged in neutral oak.

2016 Traminette

100% Estate fruit grown at Barrel Oak vineyards. Stainless steal fermented using yeast designed to highlight the fruity character. Aroma of tea rose and wildflower, tropical fruit on the palate (banana and pineapple). A dry wine with a smooth mouthfeel and fresh finish. Pairs well with spicy foods.

2016 BowHaus White

Blend of Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Petit Manseng, Viognier & Chardonnay. Fermented in stainless steel and aged in neutral oak barrels. Tropical notes on the nose, balanced acidity and smooth on the palate. Great for sipping or with seafood. 1.75% residual sugar

2016 Albarino

100% Albarino from Washington State, pressed and delivered to BOW. Juice was immediately moved to stainless-steel, then cool fermentated for about four weeks. No malolactic fermentation. Highly aromatic with high acidity, full body and smooth finish. Pairs well with grilled fish and seafood. 

Rose Wines

2016 Peanut’s Petit Cuvee

Fruit forward on the nose with strawberries, canberries and a hint of cream on the palate. A blend of 57% Vidal Blanc and 43% Chambourcin, fermented and aged seperately in neutral oak. A customer favorite!

2016 Vintner's Select Rose

Our 2016 Vintner's Select Rose was done using the traditional Saignee method. It is a beautiful blend of bordeaux varietals, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, and Petit Verdot. The juice lots were combined and co-fermented in neutral oak barrels, then tranferred to stainless steel. No malolactic fermentation was used.

2016 Rose

Fruity nose, fresh picked strawberries on the palate and a clean, crisp finish. Blend of Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Merlot fermented dry in stainless steel and barreled in neutral oak. This wine should be served at room temperature.

Red Wines

2015 Merlot

Fermented in open-topped containers, aged in neutral oak barrels, then blended and filtered. Our 100% Merlot has a ruby color with aroma of red fruit, juicy and smooth on the palate, and a hint of spice on the finish. This wine would be great paired with beef stew or shepherd's pie.

2016 BowHaus Red

Wonderful blend of 80% Chambourcin with a fine blend of 10% Merlot and 10% Syrah. Slightly off dry, very fully developed and has aged beautifully. Amroma of dark fruit with juicy mixed fruit flavors on the palate.

2011 Cabernet Franc

Lightly aromatic nose, hints of vanilla and red fruit, smooth with pleasant tannins. This highly quaffable wine will pair well with friends or a variety of foods and is ready to enjoy now.  100% Cabernet Franc aged in Hungarian and American Oak for 15 months.

2014 Petit Verdot

This big, full bodied wine has a regal deep rich burgundy color. There are dark fruit notes on the nose accompanied by a sense of earthiness. Ripe plum or currant notes up front, with a smooth mouthfeel and hints of lavender on the finish. Enjoy this bold, tannic wine now or hold it in your cellar, either way, you won't be disappointed.



2015 Meritage

34% Cab Sauv, 26% Cab Franc, 24% Petit Verdot and 16% Merlot. Carefully selected barrels from the 2015 Bordeaux varietals, aged over 18 months in oak. It has a ruby color, aromas of blackberry, cherry and earthiness. Fruit forward and smooth on the palate. 

2011 Reserve Petit Verdot

Deep purple hue with aroma and flavors of rish espresso and hints of dark chocolate cherries. Medium tannins with black pepper on the finish. Ready to pair with your favorite steak on the grill. 100% Petit Verdot aged 15 months in oak.

2010 Cabernet Franc

An aromatic nose with a smooth and balanced dark fruit lingering finish with nutmeg and pepper. 100% Cabernet Franc aged in Hungarian and American Oak for 15 months.

Platinum Medal: ****2013 San Diego International Wine Competition****

Gold Medal: 2013 San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition

Gold Medal: 2013 Critics Challenge International Wine Competition

Silver Medal: 2012 Commercial Wine Competition – American Wine Society

Silver Medal:  2012 INDY International Wine Competition

Silver Medal: 2014 Virginia Governor’s Cup Wine Competition

Bronze Medal: 2012 Wines of the South – Regional Wine Competition

Bronze Medal: 2013 Virginia Governors Cup Wine Competition

Bronze Medal: 2013 Pacific Rim International Wine Competition

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

A customer and employee favorite! Aromas of blackberries and cranberries. Ruby color with fruity warm and earthly balanced acidity. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, aged 21 months in neutral barrels. 

Chocolate Lab Dessert Wine

A beautifully crafted and totally unique dessert wine. Port style, 100% Chambourcin infused with cracked cocoa nibs. Aged in American oak and recovered whiskey barrels.