The patio is open! Let's play fetch!

In 2006 Sharon and Brian Roeder moved to the Blue Ridge foothills on the rural side of Northern Virginia. There, working closely with their trusted yet loopy Golden Retrievers, Barley and Justice the Wonderpuppy, they have initiated their diabolical plot to wean visitors from their "crack-berries" and extraordinarily long commutes by providing them with idyllic and pastoral tranquility in the cooling foothills of the Piedmont Mountains. Spreading their joyful and grapey evil far and wide, they have created a veritable den of wine pleasures designed to trap everyone under the spell of their expansive patio views and whimsically-built winery.  The wine ain't that bad either.

Join them on the fun side of life and enjoy extraordinary wines and views with people certain to become fast friends around a shared picnic on the patio.

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