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Sharon was born Sharon L.  Mortimer, in southern New Jersey, and considers the greater Philidelphia area as her hometown. She earned a Bachelor's degree in German Studies from Wooster College, and taught English in former East Germany as a Fulbright scholar soon after the wall came down.  She continued her studies at Georgetown University, earning a Master's of Science in Foreign Service.  Sharon worked her way through school, and continued as a Government Affairs drone after graduation. She loved her boss, had a dream commute by D.C. standards, and wonderful clients, but dreamt of a different life nonetheless.

Throughout her schooling Sharon excelled in both left, and right-brained subjects.  She's one of those all-around good students. Her perfect blend of creativity and scientific discipline have shown themselves to be invaluable attributes in all of her professional pursuits, most notably, winemaking. Sharon's wines have have achieved international awards, national recognition, and overall customer acclaim in an astoundingly short period of time. One of her, and her winemaking partner, Shai Van Gelder, crowning acheivements is the amazing Reserve Chardonnay and reserve Norton; winners of several top honors. 

She remains humble about her accomplishments and easily entertained by her flock of  four-footed fuzzy creatures who always and energetically welcome her home and accompany her to work in the vineyard.  While numerous articles have been written about her dream to grow grapes and live in the countryside, we think that all have missed the essence of her relationship to BOW:   She makes it look easy by working damn-hard,  leads by gently pushing from the back.  She is the heart of it all and she gives BOW its magic and its purpose. 



Brian Roeder   



Brian was born in Northen California to gnomes with no known address.  He was long thought to be the Dark Lord of the Sith, but that was proven wrong on a dark and unfortunate night in 1991.  He still aspires.  His mother and grandmother never lost faith in him, even during the troubled years (circa 1980-1994). In his younger years Brian specialized in gaining knowledge through a diverse field of endeavors including motorcycles, fast cars, loose women, broken bones, beaches, sunsets, blows to the head, and things that can be fixed with duct tape and/or superglue and/or alka seltzer, and/or whiskey...preferably single malt.  Today he sports two tattoos as well as 157 scars on his body.

Brian works independently and with local organizations designing  improved strategies to maintain Fauquier County's beauty, sustainable agri-business, and community involvment. He has dedicated himself to improving Virginia's recognition as one of the top wine producing states in the Nation.  He enjoys being liked by his neighbors for a change although he still struggles to take showers every day.   HIs friends tell him that "that's okay.  Maybe you'll do better tomorrow".

For recreation, Brian works, eats, drinks, sleeps, and plays with his dog.  


Justice                              puppy

Justice came to live at 3623 Grove Lane on Barrel Oak Winery's opening day.  Named after Justice Lane, which abuts the west side of the Roeder's property, his full given name is Justice Snotworth TheTrouble Roeder, Esq. Justice is the forever-puppy...80 pounds of narcissistic beauty crying out, "Love Me!  I'm Beautiful!"  If ever there were a creature without a care in the world, Justice is his name.  Imagine...spending your whole life as a puppy.  Wow...

Sign: Aries
Pet Peeves: "what's a peeve?"
Favorite Activity: Watching re-runs of F-Troup, eating barf, and doing his nails

Peanut                     peenie

Peanut is the boss.  An American Bulldog/Lab/Beagle mix with crazy two-tone eyes, she runs the whole show.  She tells the boys who will sit where, who gets fed when, and who stays outside or in.  Smarter than the rest combined, she is also smarter than Brian who can't figure out how to open the door when she can.  She's also the most verbal of the bunch and yes...she lets you know what she thinks.  Home late?  "wwwoowwooo..."  Dinner delayed?  "yowoowwoooo..."  Forgot me?  "waaawaaaoowww...!"  Finally, she's really, really, competitive!  Wanna play catch?  She's the only one that gets to bring back the ball.  That's our little Peanut!

Sign: Scorpio
Pet Peeves: Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.... no wait, just follow me!
Favorite Activity: Bossing...of course!



Finally, there's Birch...Mr. Birch to his friends.  Mr. Birch showed up at BOW in the Spring of 2010, looking for a scratch behind the ears, a rock to chase, and a snack.  He just kind'a never left.  Born a Hungarian Vizsla, he seems to be fluent in English. He's all love and humility and whinle now happily retired, he served for several years as our offical greeter at the winery.  Formerly always up for a game of fetch and snarfing any snacks that you have, he is now contentedly 150 years old and looks a lot like Bilbo Baggins.  (We did lose Birch in 2017 but we think he's so cool that we want you to know about him).

Sign: No U-Turn
Pet Peeve: Staff meetings that spill over into "fetch time"
Favorite activity: snarfing snacks